Kill The Victor

Kill The Victor

(dance/poetry – 16 minutes)

premiere: 25 September 2012

A short 15 minute burst of physicality and poetry. One man, two women and a mysterious box in a confined 8×8 space.

Energy, rhythm and resonance create an abstract tapestry of fragmented thoughts, relationships and memories. Amos’ haunting poem which forms the finale of the piece creates an unexpected counter-point to the choreography and opens up a myriad of questions and possible narratives.

Good To Know: The work is ideally suited to fit in combination-programs or festivals- the simple technical requirements make it easy to travel with.

choreography, music and text Amos Ben-Tal | Dance Amos Ben-Tal, Aurélie Cayla, Lana Čoporda

Produced by Korzo Productions and Aura Dance Theater (Lithuania)


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