(dance/ live music/ audience interaction – 80 minutes)

premiere: March 21 2014

OFFline is an analog theatrical experience with dance, live music, installations and audience-artist interaction.

When the audience first arrives in the foyer they are treated to a series of video installations, games and activities designed to trigger the senses. Once inside the theater hall, they are encouraged to use their sharpened perception to find more subtlety in the dancing. In the core of the piece, choreographer Amos Ben-Tal employs a rigorous and precise movement language while at the same time giving a lot of freedom of choice to the performers. The three dancers control the sound and light and make real-time decisions that affect their path. The tension between the complexity and virtuosity of Amos’ dance vocabulary and the necessity to constantly choose and communicate unravels the performer’s humanity and allows their physical language to become poetry. In the second part of the evening the audience is invited further into the intriguing world of rules and tasks that govern the choreography. The dancers’ explanations and the audience’s questions unlock additional parts of choreography making every performance unique. Accompanying this whole journey is live music by virtuoso singer-songwriter Dyzack, winner of the prestigious Silver Harp award.

Touching, coherent and compact- the nature of OFFLINE makes it suitable for audiences of varying ages.

Good To Know: OFFline can be tailor-made to specific venues and presented in different formats and lengths. The choreographic part by itself can be performed as a stand-alone piece titled Phase Three (25min). 

Concept & Choreography Amos Ben-Tal | Dance Amos Ben-Tal, Aurelie Cayla, Milena Twiehaus Music Amos Ben-Tal, Dyzack (live) | Dramaturgy Yvan Dubreuil | Visual design Milena Twiehaus, Yvan Dubreuil


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