The New Work

The New Work

(dance, 30 min) – 

Premiere: November 2010, Cadance Festival 

The New Work is an ongoing choreography project by choreographer and OFF co-founder Amos Ben-Tal. In this project we’ve created a movement language and performance environment where the dancers shape the path of the choreography in real-time. Forced to constantly make decisions- creating, destroying and questioning; the performers acquire a vulnerable yet empowering quality, making every performance alive and unique.

The New Work has been performed over thirty times in The Netherlands, Germany and France and forms the heart of the full evening event OFFline.

The New Work 3:photo MIlenaTwiehaus The New Work:photo MIlenaTwiehaus The New Work1:photo MilenaTwiehaus The New Work4:photo MIlenaTwiehaus The New Work5:photo MIlenaTwiehaus


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